Wilson Sleek with Home Accessory Kit

The Wilson Sleek first debuted in 2010. This particular product changed the consumer mobile consumer cellular repeater market. This is due to the fact that it is affordable, easy to install and remove along with being very low profile (while consumer cellular boosting solutions in the past were known to be very clunky). This particular product only requires two pieces along with wires to connect them together, these components are an exterior antenna to gain the signal along with a cradle which amplifiers the signal and delivers it to a cellular device. The cradle is very sleek (hence the name “Sleek”), it looks like a product from a high end handsfree kit. The cradle includes the signal amplifier and interior antenna so when a cellular device is placed onto the cradle (to be used either through speakerphone or with a vehicle handsfree solution), the signal is improved dramatically. Furthermore, this particular kit also includes components to make it work in an indoor environment (such as a desktop or cubicle) making this cellular repeater highly versatile and the only product which you would need (if you are somebody who constantly finds themselves in areas of weak cellular signal). It works to improve the 2G/3G signal for every North American cellular network except ones which utilize the rare 1700MHz AWS 3G band (such as T-Mobile USA and WIND in Canada) and iDEN technology (such as Nextel) meaning it works with major networks such as Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, US Cellular, Cricket, Rogers, Telus and many more. You can check out the Wilson Sleek with Home Accessory Kit here. If you want the Sleek without the Home Accessory Kit, you can check out the Wilson Sleek here.



Wilson Sleek 4G-V Kit

The Wilson Sleek 4G-V is a mobile cradle booster designed especially for the Verizon network. A mobile booster is a type of cellular signal booster which is designed for a vehicle setting (this particular one can work for a desktop setting with the addition of a Home Accessory Kit). It works to boost a weak signal for Verizon 2G, 3G and 4G LTE making it future proof and a must have for any Verizon customer who often drives in areas of weak Verizon coverage. The Wilson Sleek was first introduced back in 2010. It revolutionized the consumer mobile cellular repeater market as it is highly affordable and very easy to install or remove (making it easy to move between a house and car) as it only features two components and wiring to connect them together. The components include an exterior antenna to bring in a signal and a cradle which houses an amplifier to boost the signal. When a device (such as a phone or data card) is placed onto the cradle, the boosted signal is transmitted to the device. This allows the user to use a phone easily through a Bluetooth headset or Hands-Free kit or speakerphone. Furthermore, the cradle which the Sleek utilizes is highly elegant and looks like one from a high end hands-free kit. This particular package includes all components required to install the booster. You can check out the Wilson Sleek 4G-V kit here and the optional Sleek Home Accessory Kit here.

Black Otterbox Defender Case for Samsung Galaxy S III

When it comes to rugged cases, one manufacturer which has excelled and become a household name in this space is Otterbox. Their Defender series is quite possibly one of the best out there in terms of providing full protection to a device. I have been using an Otterbox Defender case on my device since day one of purchasing it and after one year, the device is in pristine condition, despite being dropped multiple times and constantly exposed to areas of high dust and dirt. In a nutshell, this case encloses the phone in a full shell along with a high quality TPU (rubber type plastic) cover around that shell. The case also includes plugs over all ports and covers all buttons to protect from potential dust or dirt getting into exposed areas. The Galaxy S III by Samsung is one of the hot new devices and due to how impressive the early sales figures have been along with the recent impressive reputation Samsung has built with updates, there is good reason to believe that Samsung will be providing support for this device. Assuming they do, this phone should be able to retain its value extremely well making a case like this the perfect accessory. You can check out the Otterbox Defender for Galaxy S III here or other Galaxy S 3 accessories here.

Wilson Sleek 4G-A

During the fourth quarter of 2011, AT&T launched their 4G LTE network. While AT&T did offer a strong 4G network (which utilized HSPA+), LTE is far faster and considered to be the future (Verizon, Sprint and US Cellular are also utilizing LTE technology for their 4G variations). Since the launch, AT&T’s LTE network has been growing at a rapid rate. It now covers 53 markets across the United States (covering over 74 million Americans). Since the network is new, there are many areas within these markets which offer spotty overall coverage.

This item is by Wilson Electronics, the leader in consumer cellular signal boosting solutions (cellular repeaters). It is an iteration of the Wilson Sleek designed especially to boost the signal of AT&T LTE (it can also work to improve the signal of a poor 3G and/or 2G signal making it a must have for any AT&T customer who constantly finds themselves driving into areas of poor signal). The Wilson Sleek first debuted in the middle of 2010. This mobile cellular boaster is special as it is highly effective and very easy to install (as well as remove). It requires two pieces, an exterior antenna and a cradle. The cradle is highly stylish and looks like a piece of a high end handsfree kit. The cradle includes a cellular signal amplifier built in. When the phone (or data card) is placed onto the cradle, the signal is boosted (to be used with a Bluetooth solution, other headset or speakerphone). This booster when purchased as a full kit is designed for a vehicle setting and can also work in a home setting with purchase of an additional Home Accessory kit. It is currently available for pre-order and is expected to be available sometime during the third quarter of 2012. You can pre-order the Wilson Sleek 4G-A kit here and the Sleek 4G-A amplifier here (the latter is designed for somebody who already has a Sleek kit and only wants to swap out the amplifier to boost LTE signal).

Qmadix Tech-Armor Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 4 and 4S in White

This particular screen protector is designed for an owner for a white iPhone 4 or 4S who is not a fan of the traditional screen protector. Screen protectors are usually considered by many users to be annoying as they take away from the experience of using your full touchscreen phone. While the film of a high quality screen protector is very thin, it takes away from the feeling of putting your finger on actual glass. This particular screen protector is designed especially to tackle this issue for many users. It utilizes a faceplate made of glass which covers the entire front of the device. This plate is extremely thin to the point where it is completely undetectable. Using your phone with this particular “screen protector” gives you the same experience of using your phone without a screen protector. You have the full feel of glass as opposed to the feel of a film. While this does not make a difference in terms of usability for most people, it does for somebody who truly loves the feel of using their phone the way in which it is supposed to be used. Also included with this screen protector is a rear film to make it a full body kit along with stickers for the home button to potentially enhance the look of the device. It comes in white so when placed onto a white iPhone 4 or 4S, it looks exactly like the stock device

A screen protector is probably the most important accessory for any full touchscreen phone. The screen obviously is the most important component of a touchscreen device and keeping the screen in pristine condition can ensure that the device functions as it should. A good screen protector (like this) can keep the screen free of potential wear and tear such as dirt, dust, scratches, scuffs, bumps and minor liquid spills. Keeping the screen in pristine condition (along with the body which is what the included rear film helps protect) can ensure that the potential resale value is maximized (and anybody who is familiar with Apple products know that they retain their resale value extremely well, possibly better than any other brand out there). You can check out the Qmadix Tech-Armor screen protector for the iPhone 4 or 4S in white here.

Black Qmadix Tech-Armor Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 4 & 4S

One of the most important accessories required to keep a great smartphone in pristine condition is a screen protector. A high quality screen protector can ensure that the most important part of a touchscreen phone, the screen, is free of potential everyday wear and tear such as dirt, dust, scratches, scuffs, bumps and minor liquid spills. However, there is one major problem with the traditional screen protector. While high quality ones are very thin, the overall feeling of a screen protector is nowhere near comparable to the feeling of actual glass. For many people, using a screen protector takes away from the full experience of owning a smartphone to the point where they are unable to use a screen protector leaving their screen unprotected and their phone exposed to potential damage such as described above.

This particular solution by Qmadix recently introduced at CTIA 2012 takes care of all that. It is designed for the Apple iPhone 4 and 4S and is available in both black and white (black for a black iPhone and white for a white iPhone). The one which I am examining for this blog post is in black. The kit includes a cleaning kit for the phone, a rear protector (to make it a full body protection kit), stickers for the home button and of course, the screen protector itself. This protector however is unlike any other protector. It is an extremely thin (roughly 0.3mm) glass faceplate. Once the screen protector is applied to the phone, it is virtually undetectable. You are unable to tell that the phone even has a screen protector due to zero loss of screen sensitivity. When you are using the phone with this protector on, it feels as if there is no screen protector on at all. This protector can also be removed to be easily cleaned or transferred and replaced up to sixty times. This is the ultimate screen protector for somebody who does not like screen protectors. You can check out the black iPhone 4 and 4S Qmadix Tech-Armor screen protector here.


If you are or know somebody who is constantly on the go but finds themselves in areas of weak cellular signal, then this might just be the perfect accessory for him or her. It is a cellular booster kit which works to amplify the signal of most North American networks (in fact, it works for every North American cellular network which does not utilize the 1700MHz AWS T-Mobile/WIND 3G band or iDEN technology). While it is priced higher than the highly acclaimed Sleek which serves a similar purpose, this particular kit boasts one major advantage, the fact that it is a wireless set up. As a result, this one kit can boost the cellular signal throughout the vehicle and can be used to amplify the signal of multiple cellular devices (on multiple networks) throughout the vehicle.  Since it is wireless, you can use it however you want, while the Sleek requires either speakerphone, a handsfree kit or a Bluetooth setup. While it is not as easy to transport as the Sleek, it is still able to work in a desktop environment such as a cubicle, home office or dormitory. This kit is fully plug and play meaning it includes everything required to set up the cellular signal boosting system (which is an exterior antenna to amplify the cellular signal, this one being one which magnetically mounts onto the top of the vehicle, an amplifier to amplify the cellular signal, an interior antenna to broadcast the signal throughout the vehicle or office along with cables to connect all of these components together). Given how powerful this particular kit is and how well it works, I was able to find it at a relatively low price with free shipping! You can check out the 801212 for cheap here!

Trexta Baseball Snap On Case with Screen Protector for the iPhone 3G / 3GS

It is spring time and that means baseball season is underway. Enthusiasts of America’s pastime are enjoying peanuts and crackerjacks as they get excited for their team during the long and tiresome 162 game regular season along with the postseason for the elite teams. For anybody who loves this great sport and owns an iPhone 3G or 3GS, I found the perfect case for him or her. The case is designed to look like a baseball and is made up of genuine baseball leather to give the feel of a baseball. Holding this case can truly remind any enthusiast of the sport which he or she loves. It improves the overall look and feel of the device as it customizes the device to something which truly represents the user. This particular case is manufactured by Trexta who is one of the growing names in the field of cellular aftermarket accessories. Their highly creative designs, top of the line protection along with competitive prices is the reason as to why they are growing in popularity. Some Trexta accessories for Apple products can be found in Apple stores nationwide, and anybody who is familiar with Apple is familiar with how high their overall standards are. This particular snap-on case is custom designed for the iPhone 3G (and 3GS). It includes full and easy access to all buttons, jacks, ports, speakers, sensors and the camera. It snaps onto the phone tightly hugging it to provide maximum protection without damaging it. Also included with the case is a screen protector. The screen protector can ensure that the most important part of this touchscreen device, the screen, is protected and the case itself can ensure that the body of the device is protected from potential everyday wear and tear. Together, these components can work together to keep your high end smartphone free of dust, dirt, scratches, bumps, dings, dents as well as protected from minor drops or falls and minor liquid spills. Purchasing a phone along with a screen protector can ensure that the resale value of your device is maximized, and anybody who is familiar with Apple knows that their resale value is near the top (if not on the top) of the cellular industry as a whole. You can check out this baseball case with screen protector for cheap here!

Basketball Snap On Case with Screen Protector for the iPhone 3G & 3GS

The Apple iPhone truly ushered in the era of the smartphone. Prior to the iPhone, smartphones were viewed as a nerdy and highly unnecessary device. While some may argue that blazing fast network speeds would have led to pocket computers like we have today, but prior to the iPhone, all touchscreen devices mostly had resistive screens making then nearly unusable and the small screen with full QWERTY keyboard similar to a Blackberry or Palm seemed like the direction in which this particular industry was heading. Smartphones have truly become a vital part to our society today. It is used by business executives as a pocket assistant as well as an average person to be on top of the world around him or her. Given how important these devices are to us, it is important to keep it protected. Keeping a device protected will ensure that it works well throughout the lifetime of which you use it as well as preserve the potential resale value (or keep it in pristine condition for the next person who you hand it to). And no device preserves its resale value better than an Apple device. This can be seen especially through the fact that the iPhone 3GS is still sold brand new through the Apple Store for $375. The best way to ensure that a device is protected is through a combination of a case to protect the body of the phone along with a screen protector to protect the most important part of a touchscreen device, the screen. These two components can work together to ensure that your high end smartphone is protected from potential wear and tear such as dust, dirt, scratches, scuffs, bumps, dings, dents, minor drops/falls and minor liquid spills.

This particular package by Trexta includes both and is designed for the ultimate basketball enthusiast. Trexta is one of the growing names in the space of cellular accessories even having some of their Apple accessories carried in Apple stores (and anybody familiar with Apple knows how high their standards are). Trexta is growing due to their outstanding combination of creative designs, high quality materials and outstanding protection. This particular case boasts the design of an actual basketball and is made up of genuine leather to give the feel of a basketball. Holding it will remind every basketball enthusiast of the sport which he or she truly loves. I was able to find this product for a low price with free shipping! You can check out this iPhone 3G and 3GS basketball case with screen protector for cheap here!


This particular kit for an in-building solution for a building of up to 5,000 square feet in an area of very poor or inconsistent cellular signal is easily the best in the price range. It is perfect for any large home or a small to mid-sized building or warehouse. A Wilson Electronics cellular signal boosting solution consists of an exterior antenna to obtain the signal, an amplifier to amplify the signal, an interior antenna to broadcast the signal and cables to connect everything together. This particular solution is capable of boosting the cellular signal strength for the majority of North American cellular carriers. In fact, it works for every carrier excluding ones which utilize the 1700MHz AWS band (such as T-Mobile or WIND Mobile) or iDEN technology (such as Nextel). Meaning this cellular signal booster is capable of boosting the signal strength for GSM networks such as AT&T, Rogers, Telus, Bell or others as well as CDMA networks such as Verizon, Sprint, US Cellular, Cricket, Boost, SaskTel or others. The 841263 consists of the highly acclaimed DB Pro amplifier with adjustable gain along with the Wilson 304475 exterior antenna. This particular antenna is a yagi antenna or a single-directional antenna. It has to be pointed directly towards to the nearest cellular tower. It also includes the Wilson 301155 interior antenna which can easily be mounted onto any wall. Since this kit boasts a single-directional exterior antenna, the amount of signal gain is maximized. While it is not easy to set up, it does deliver outstanding power (which can be optimized to conserve power thanks to the adjustable gain amplifier). It is designed for homes or buildings in areas of extremely poor cellular signal. I was able to find this full kit for under $385 with free shipping! You can check out the 841263 for cheap here.

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